Right Analytics, Anytime, Anywhere

Real Time Reporting Dashboard

View advertising spending, clicks, and conversions to make adjustments in real-time, giving you more value for each dollar you spend.

Advanced Reporting

To slide and dice reporting data on multiple parameters of interest.

Custom Reporting

Our operations team can also help you to generate adhoc reports as and when needed.

Optimize Campaigns for better Results

Auto Optimization

Choose your campaign goals and KPIs and the platform shall auto optimize for you

Create Rules

Create your own optimization rules via various data points

Custom Rules

Our operations team can help you create some custom rules

Ad Formats

We support all Open RTB ad formats on our platform to give you flexible and diverse options to create engaging experience for your audiences.

Display Ads

JPG, PNG, GIF, HTML5, iFrame, JavaScript (Static/Rotating)

Rich Media



VAST and VPAID, Linear & Non-Linear


Native Banners & Video

Pop under

Redirect Links opening in new tab/window

Rewarded Video

Opt-in or Incentivised

Demand Partners

Supply Partners

About Us

The Platform

We deliver results, by offering Publishers and Advertisers a powerful, efficient and responsive digital marketing platform. Combining leading-edge methods with proprietary technology, we’ve engineered our platform to take online marketing to the next level. Unlike most online marketers, we offer a complete solution, integrating any method and metric you like, hitting all consumer touch points.

The Company

Ad Infinitum Media Network USA Inc. is a Delaware USA registered Corporation.

Media Trading Platform

Our media trading platform is an automated clearing house for millions of impressions every day. These transactions are fully optimized and require minimum curation.

Local Solutions

We have developed proprietary technologies and tools (“DealsMobilizer”) for local merchants, regional and national advertisers to reach audiences in local neighbourhoods and around landmarks.

Data Solutions

Our operations team is involved in building audience profiles to facilitate audience based buying and retargeting. We work closely with marketers to implement custom audience based requirements.

Contact Us

Address: 258 E Street, Unit 2, Boston, MA 02127 | Tel: +1 617-299-1649 | Email: info@adinfinitum.network